The only reason I agree with is that the new Pokemon will help to sell this console. Every other reason can be countered with a lot of people already owning iOS devices.

I’ll be interested in it if it was somehow more compact and more pocketable because I will then be able to use it for spotpass as I usually do not carry a bag around. I think spotpass is the killer feature for me in the 3DS, not the stereoscopic 3D.

This top DSiware game came out on the iOS devices a while ago with a free version that allows unlocking of the full game and another paid version that had the complete game. Now the complete game is free for a limited time similar to Mutant Mudds! Update: I read that it was to celebrate the Kickstarter project for another Shantae game, “Shantae: Half-Genie Hero”

The lack of physical controller does spoil the gaming experience for me but this game is definitely worth picking up, especially now that it is free. Hopefully, controller support will arrive in the future.

iTunes App Store link: 

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (Full) - iTunes App Store Link WayForward Technologies, Inc.

In-App sale on Song Bundles (US$2.99 to US$1.99) and Characters (US$1.99 to US$0.99). I wonder if the sale will come to the eShop too.

iTunes App Store Link:


No mention of 3DS but I guess it goes without saying. iOS devices are getting support for controllers from the latest iOS version 7 and that will surely make platformers like Mutant Mudds more enjoyable on iOS!

On another note, the original’s iOS price has increased to USD$4.99. I guess the initial USD$0.99 and the short period where it was free was for promotional purposes.

Another opinion on the new StreetPass games. I kinda agree that Flower Town has deep content and Warrior’s way is a little simple now that I played further. I don’t streetpass a lot and it seems like I might need to use play coins to get more troops for that game to progress, unlike the other games.

It turns out that the weapon you get depends on the shirt color of the Miis you meet. The game is easier when you go in with a lot of Miis as they not only add more firepower, each Mii counts as your Life. A hit cost a Mii and once you have none, the game ends.

Project X Zone Demo not found in Brazil eShop

I spent quite some time searching and figured it was only in the US eShop…

In a nutshell, you wait for special Miis to get sent via spotpass, then you make use of US and Canada region setting changing to keep getting the Miis. On a sidenote, I also figured out why I didn’t get some of my Mii and Art Academy spotpasses; it might be because I was set to Brazil region.

If I were to rank my favourites, these are my personal preference:

1. Flower Town

2. Monster Manor

3. Warrior’s Way

4. Mii Force

I agree with the article that Mii Force is the one that is the closest to a full game but Flower Town has a lot of content too. I thought Flower Town was simple initially but more content was unlocked as I streetpass and re-enter the game.